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Unapologetic: Chris Brown Deconstructs Masculinity Through Rihanna Subjectivity

A generation – or rather culture – of men are growing up with very skewed, chauvinistic,  and hegemonic perceptions of masculinity (and this post is not saying the onus is on Chris Brown).  The trend of degrading women while exalting them has a paradoxical effect.  Is it possible that Rihanna and Chris Brown are both victims? Yes.

Black masculinity must be juxtaposed against white masculinity to fully understand its context and evolution. The tension between white and Black masculinity is attributed to the notion that white masculinity prevails and Black masculinity is powerless.  Hypermasculinity, subjectivity, and objectivity prevent the essence of masculinity from progressing.  Whether it’s conscious or not, we support and glorify figures that promote contradictory ideals that are detrimental to any hope of a brighter future. We have to demand more from our artists. We can’t do that if we isolate them from their craft.  Art imitates life.  We deserve better and must not be complacent in mediocrity.

Rihanna is a victim.  She is a victim of domestic violence.  She is a victim of the subversive ideals threatening notions of gender roles, feminism, masculinity, and identity.  She is a victim of the exploitation, the romanticism, the reality, and the desensitization of domestic violence.  She is a victim of Stockholm Syndrome. She is a victim of her fans.

Chris Brown is a victim. Shocker. He is a victim of the culture that turns a blind eye to domestic violence. He is a victim of the complexity, double standards, and hypocritical critics of manhood. He is a victim of the instability, complexity, and misnomer of manhood.  The relationship between Chris Brown and Rihanna is equivalent to the relationship between hip-hop and its fans.  The relationship is warm yet hostile, liberating yet binding, underground yet proverbial.

All-in-all, Hip-hop has never been a space to foster healthy male intimacy.  It’s often homoerotic, misogynistic, violent, homophobic, xenophobic, etc.  Once the fan-base changes, the content changes.

The End.


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Maryland: Black Woman Sentenced to Five Years for Hate Crime

We need more light about each other. Light creates understanding, understanding creates love, love creates patience, and patience creates unity. – Malcolm X

Teonna Brown and one other young lady were caught on tape for beating a transgendered woman at a McDonalds in Towson, MD.  The victim, Chrissy Polis, began having seizures following the attack.  Brown’s 14-year-old accomplice will remain in a detention center while Brown is sentenced to five years in prison.  The beating was filmed by a McDonalds employee (while he was laughing).

Who taught you to hate yourself? -Malcolm X

What gives the right for a minority to incite hate in the form of violence? It wasn’t to long ago that this type of beating was happening to African Americans all over the United States.  Dubois was quoted describing a Black woman as bringing her “fineness up through so devilish of a fire”.  Progress can not slow down in this contemporary era. It is always a shame when the oppressed become the oppressor.  We don’t have the luxury of freedom of our actions.  We must act with keen eye of judgment and analysis.  What would Rosa Parks or Ida B. Wells-Barnett think about the contemporary Black woman?

—-Just my thoughts

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