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Herman Cain Denies Latest Accuser [VIDEO]

Herman Cain on Tuesday vehemently denied all sexual harassment allegations against him and said he had no memory of the first accuser to publicly describe claimed misconduct by the Republican presidential hopeful.

“They simply didn’t happen. They simply did not happen,” Cain insisted of the accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior, and at least one incident of alleged sexual groping, when he was head of the National Restaurant Association from 1996 to 1999.

At a news conference he held to respond to the latest accusation, made Monday by a Chicago woman who once worked at the restaurant group, Cain described her as a “troubled” woman put up to making false allegations by forces trying to derail his presidential bid.


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What Does Each GOP Candidate Stand For?


Cain is pro-life. He admits that he would sign legislation to support the sanctity of life.  He says abortion is “planned genocide.”

He advocates putting more of our resources into strengthening domestic defensive capabilities.

He supports the second amendment and favors state level gun control legislation.

Cain is against ObamaCare because “it has yet to address the 50 million uninsured Americans”.

He is FOR immigration and a strong advocate for “high fences” and “wide open doors” simultaneously.  He admits this is how America started.  He is against amnesty but pro-programs for illegal immigrants.  He thinks legislation is good enough to combat illegal immigration.  He proposed to put up a 20-foot electric fence along the Mexican border.

Cain disagrees with same-sex marriage and supports the traditional sanctity of marriage.

Additionally, he believes Social Security sustainability is questionable.

9-9-9 plan: 9% Business Tax, 9% Individual Tax, and 9% Federal Sales Tax.   The sales tax is new and additional.  It affects the working class disproportionally.


She is pro-life.  She wants to move towards a culture that values and respects the sanctity of life.  She will like to repeal Roe v. Wade (legalized abortion).  Bachmann, also, supports defunding Planned Parenthood. She is against embryonic stem cell research and believes it is unethical and unhealthy.

Bachmann is FOR keeping the troops in Afghanistan longer.

She is for spending cuts and believes taxation hinders growth.  She said, “Individualism and personal responsibility have always been the bedrock of the country”.

She supports the second amendment to bear arms.

She supports immigration and believes the problem is not the laws.  She believes we must enforce our laws.


Gingrich is against abortion and doesn’t support its legality.

He believes the US must stop spending beyond its means and downsize the government. He, also, said he can balance the budget in five years (guess that means reelection).

He strongly supports capital punishment.  He will enforce the laws and end soft punishment. Additionally, he wants to build more prisons.

He thinks that we should focus on patriotic education instead of multiculturalism. Gingrich has said that high school girls who graduate as virgins should be rewarded.

He thinks that health care should be competitive and allowed to cross state lines. Competition would lower prices and provide more choices.  He thinks the government does not belong in health care. Nationalizing health care hurts everyone.

He thinks welfare should only last 2 years.  Gingrich believes that poverty could be erased with more opportunities in education.

Gingrich is against legalization of marijuana.

He believes that homosexuality is a sin.  However, he believes that same sex couples should have some sort of legal rights so that they can leave their estates to their partners or visit them in the hospital.


Huntsman is for the immediate withdrawal of our troops.  His “Time To Compete: An American Jobs Plan” is reminiscent of Ronald Reagan’s 1986 tax reform proposal.  It offers a comprehensive strategy on tax and regulatory reforms, energy independence and free trade

He supports the second amendment’s right to bear arms.


Ron Paul is pro-life.  He said, “I believe beyond a doubt that a fetus is a human life deserving of legal protection, and that the right to life is the foundation of any moral society.”

As Commander in Chief, he would support the immediate withdrawal of our troops.

Paul is against the death penalty because too many innocent people have been killed.  He thinks the death penalty is unjust – if you’re rich you get away and if you’re poor you’re more likely to be convicted and killed.

He supports the second amendment.

Ron Paul thinks that shutting down the Department of Education will improve the quality of education. He wouldn’t dismantle public schools but would encourage homeschooling and private schools with tax write-offs.

He believes that black and hispanic colleges should not get special funding.

He opposes immigration.

Rick Perry

Perry is pro-life and supports adoption as an alternative.

Texas is outperforming almost every other state in the country since the sub-prime mortgage-caused recession ended in June 2009, and he is largely credited for the impressive performance.

Perry is a firm believer in the power of the free market, and is convinced that excessive regulatory control stifles the ability of the private sector to grow.

He supports the second amendment.

He is for immigration but wants to focus on illegal immigration.  He says you can’t have homeland security without border security.


He opposes abortion (which is a change in his original platform).

Our time in Afghanistan is decided based on our progress (not economics or politics).

While Governor in Massachusetts Romney filed a bill to reinstate the death penalty for deadly acts of terrorism, killing sprees and murders involving torture and the killings of law enforcement personnel.

Education should not be confined to a teacher’s union only. There should be involvement from parents, the state, federal government with the support of the teachers.  He advocates for teacher salary increases.

Romney supports universal health care but not a government program which would raise taxes.

He is strongly against same-sex marriages and rights.

Romney is in favor of the Bush support cuts as he says that these cuts really helped to bring the economy back on track when the country was going through a bad phase.


He firmly believes in the preservation of life, unless the fetus was conceived from an incestuous relationship or as a result of rape.

He wants to keep the troops in Afghanistan until the job is done.

Santorum views the influx of foreign workers as damaging to the nation, both on the economic and social front. He was a strong advocate in former President Bush’s US-Mexico border fence initiative.

He wants to legalize marijuana.

He opposes same-sex marriages and unions as he feels their motives are questionable.

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