Ambitious Girls: Black Women Consciousness and Subjectivity

Let me begin by loudly declaring: I’m a huge Wale fan.  Additionally, I love Black women.

I admire a Black woman’s resiliency.  Black women, collectively, made incredible strides to overcome notions of objectivity, misogyny, sexism, and derogatory ideologies.   There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman with true ambition, aspiration, and goals.  With that said, the meaning of “Ambition” has forever changed, thanks to Wale.  The etymology of this word is not rooted in a lyric or culture.  I say this because, women born after 1993 will use the new definition of ambition: a female support of Wale.

Female Wale fans have become complacent with being labeled “ambitious” and a “bitch” simultaneously.  It’s a new era in gender and racial identity leading to this complacency.  Let’s explore this phenomenon “ambition”.  Wale has successfully compromised his artistic integrity while insulting his fanbase through the guise of female empowerment, while seamlessly introducing the double entendre of “ambition”.  The most interesting discourse I’ve had regarding contemporary gender politics is women reinforcing stereotypes while struggling with self-definition.

“Ambitious Girls” accept the destructive identity of false accomplishments and false individuality.  I say it’s destructive and false because true ambition is shown and doesn’t need validation.  Black women identity has been shaped by oppressive discourse and the reality of being a minority of a minority.  Mary Helen Washington said Black women who struggle to “forge an identity larger than the one society would force upon them . . . are aware and conscious, and that very consciousness is potent.”

Wale introduced his fanbase to a slight feeling of empowerment with “ambition” then blurred the lines between accomplishment and oppressive rhetoric with the introduction of “Illest Bitch Alive”.  But, Wale is smart.  He understands that his fans will say “he aint talkin’ bout me”.  Who else is he talking about?

It’s easy to say everything that is wrong with an artist.  Before I’m labeled a hater, I’ve been a Wale fan since “Hate is the New Love” and “Paint a Picture”.  I’ve been a fan of Black women since my conception.  It’s all good to be an ambitious woman but you would be hard pressed to find an #ambitiousgirl that was an #ambitious girl pre-wale hype. Think about it.

For now, you’re the illest bitch alive, realest bitch around. 


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