Top Five Positive Black Television Specials

5. Our Black World – Black Enterprise

Our World with Black Enterprise is a weekly television show hosted by Marc Lamont Hill and produced by Black Enterprise, Inc. It airs on Saturday and Sunday across a range of United States local television stations.

4. The BET Honors

The BET Honors were established in 2009 by BET to celebrate the lives and achievements of African American luminaries. The awards will be presented annually and broadcast on BET during Black History Month.

3. African American Lives

African American Lives is a PBS show hosted by historian Henry Louis Gates, Jr. focusing on African American genealogical research. The family histories of prominent African Americans are explored using traditional genealogic techniques as well as genetic analysis.

Gates has written an associated book, In Search of Our Roots: How 19 Extraordinary African Americans Reclaimed Their Past, which was published in early 2009.

2. Black Girl Rocks

BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Inc. is 501(c)3 non-profit youth empowerment and mentoring organization established to promote the arts for young women of color, as well as to encourage dialogue and analysis of the ways women of color are portrayed in the media.

Since 2006, BLACK GIRLS ROCK! has been dedicated to the healthy development of young women and girls. BLACK GIRLS ROCK! seeks to build the self-esteem and self-worth of young women of color by changing their outlook on life, broadening their horizons, and helping them to empower themselves. For the past five years, we have enjoyed the opportunity to enrich the lives of girls aged 12 to 17 years old through mentorship, arts education, cultural exploration and public service. At BLACK GIRLS ROCK!, young women are offered access to enrichment programs and opportunities that place special emphasis on personal development through the arts and cooperative learning.

1. CNN Black In America

Black In America is a multi-part series of documentaries hosted by reporter Soledad O’Brien on CNN. The series is about various issues regarding blacks (African-Americans) which includes panel discussions on issues facing the black community, and a look at the culture of black families in America, men and women.
It featured exclusive commentary by music mogul Russell Simmons, Grammy Award-winning rapper Lupe Fiasco, comedian D.L. Hughley, award-winning filmmaker Spike Lee, and actress/comedian Whoopi Goldberg.
The program was extremely successful.’s interactive section for “Black In America” garnered over 2.4 million page views. The “Black In America” assignment received over 1,000 submissions. Several viewers of the first episode were so inspired by the program that they launched, an online community and social network for black Americans who want to address the issues and challenges of Black America.


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