Our Blacks Are Better Than Their Blacks

Dear Ann Coulter,

After watching you defend your outlandish, offensive, and emotional rhetoric on HLN, I felt the obligation to write this letter to you.  The conversation I hope to have with you is about political and racial discourse in America.  It would be a disservice if I watch your interview and not exercise my first amendment right, as you so eloquently have.  Until recently, I had no clue who you were and still vaguely know.

We, clearly, have two different agendas and I’m not here to persuade you left or right.  I am simply responding to your dichotomy of the Black liberal versus the Black conservative.  W.E.B. Dubois was famously quoted by saying, “the Black man’s turning hither and tither in hesitant and doubtful striving has often made his very strength lose effectiveness.  And yet it is not weakness, — it is the contradiction of double aims.”  I am speaking about the double agenda (the theme of my blog) of being a Black Republican; a Black conservative; a Black American — while simultaneously striving for a better America.

There is a sort of struggle with Herman Cain being the minority (Black Republican) and appreciate your defense of his plight.  With that said, what gives you the right to marginalize Herman Cain in juxtaposition with liberal African Americans?  You think you’re furthering his political platform and widening his constituency but you’re doing the opposite.  Where were you when liberals were attacking Michelle Bachmann with sexist rhetoric?  In your fantasy world, does race transcend gender? Does race transcend bipartisanship?

It is possible to have a strong racial/political opinion without generalizing and demeaning an entire group of people.  Your most recent article, Why Our Blacks Are Better Than Your Blacks, was extremely offensive and you’re calling liberals racist?!  You made some very dangerous assumptions saying, “Cain is twice as Black as Obama.”  Who are you to measure notions of Blackness? You’re the furthest person from the black experience and aren’t qualified to make these assumptions.

Obviously notions of racism are skewed and you’re confused.  For instance , “our blacks are better than your blacks” is proof that racist ideologies still run rampant in America.  Redefining it doesn’t negate it’s existence.  Your entire school of thought seems like a justification for your own racial agenda.  It doesn’t matter if you are Black, white, Republican, or Democrat, if your political platform will make a better tomorrow, you have my vote.  Your pretentious article, generalizing comments, superfluous rhetoric, and racist foundation masquerading as genuine concern for the likes of “your Blacks” is a true disservice to your “principles” and political party.

By the way, what did you mean by “once you go half-black you CAN go back?”


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