Critical Pedagogy And Interracial Relationships

Word got out that Idris Elba is dating a white woman.  Black women got up in an uproar and the state of interracial relationship rhetoric became an instant parody.  Idris Elba’s blackness came into question. “Yep that’s a typical black man,” some would say or “he’s not even black. He’s British,” others would say. Interracial dating is always Black and white.  You see an Asian man and an Black woman and you don’t even look twice.  Black people are hypocritical when it comes to race.  White people didn’t get on twitter and slander interracial relationships relentlessly.  So, why does it matter that Idris Elba is (allegedly) dating a white woman?

Historically, white people were seen as pure and race-mixing was frowned upon because of this ideology.  For a Black woman to be angry and say, “oh Idris gave up on us,” is completely backwards.  Interracial dating is seen as the most egregious form of self-hate.  It is assumed that we have “given up” on our black and brown counterparts as if dating a white woman will “free” us from our unfortunate situations.  We are always seeking validation within our race to prove our resiliency to be “unchanged” by our unfortunate past.  So, why does it matter that Idris Elba is (allegedly) dating a white woman?

The victimization of the Black woman correlates with this paranoia.  This victimization cannot be juxtaposed with the victimization of the Black man as it relates to relationships.  Black female masculinity births during the absence of Black male masculinity.  More times than not, Black women are left to raise children alone and forced to complete an impossible task: being the mother and father.   Black women reach a higher educational status, employment, and less criminality but fall victim to the identity of a ho/bitch.  Images of the Black woman are constantly distorted.  We have to redefine the way we see each other and the ways we portray and perpetuate interracial ideology.

So, why does it matter that Idris Elba is (allegedly) dating a white woman?


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