#ONLYBLACKPEOPLESAY: Who Taught You To Hate Yourself?

Who taught you to hate your own kind? Who taught you to hate the race that you belong to? So much so that you don’t want to be around each other. Malcolm X

#ONLYBLACKPEOPLESAY! A great trending topic. Thank you twitter for allowing this to trend.  Thank you for allowing Amber Cole to trend.  Oh and can’t forget #WhatMakesABlackGirlMad.

Twitter is a great way to show the ignorance and self-hate we have towards each other.  Some notable tweets from this trending topic.

#ONLYBLACKPEOPLESAY I can’t go swimming cuz my hurr gon get wet

#ONLYBLACKPEOPLESAY you not gonna hit that nigga!

#ONLYBLACKPEOPLESAY Yall take foodstamps?

Oh and these were selected from white people participating in this trending topic.  Sometimes it’s hard fighting stereotypes and simultaneously reinforcing them.  The way we portray and represent ourselves correlates to the disconnect we have from our ancestors.  According to existing ideologies, we have a history of mediocrity and while other races are uniting, they are also looking at us fighting progress.

Arthur de Gobineau wrote an essay entitled Essay on the Inequality of Human Races.  He argued that human destiny is decreed by nature and expressed in race. We’re proving his point by living up to these stereotypes including our urge to participate in degrading stereotypes that reinforce our  ideals of mediocrity.  We’re better than this.  The constant changing and progression of Black existentialism is a true testament to our resiliency.

#OnlyBlackPeopleSay is becoming synonymous with #OnlyUneducatedPeopleSay or #OnlyMediocrePeopleSay.

Is our existence based on the predestined future of mediocrity? I hope not.  Let’s rethink and redefine our existence through unity and education.  So, in the words of Malcolm X, who taught you to hate yourself?


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One response to “#ONLYBLACKPEOPLESAY: Who Taught You To Hate Yourself?

  1. swandiver

    Fully in agreement on the ignorance of the trending topics. However, I never condone censorship. The answer is to let them wallow while we pull as many up as possible. Though it may not always seem so, the good and decent always will outnumber the ignorant. It would be our inaction to allow you to flourish.

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