Black in America 4 [Video]

Black in America is a multi-part series of documentaries.  It began in July of 2008 with The Black Women and Family.  Since 2008,  Black in America featured notables such as Lupe Fiasco, Dr. Steve Perry, Michael Eric Dyson, Spike Lee, D.L. Hughley, etc.

Black in America 4 will air November 13, 2011.

Does the Black in America series help, hurt, or has no influence in Black America?  Do African Americans pay attention or do White people watch to get an “insight” into Black America.  Now, it is impossible to judge the entire Black experience through a documentary.  Blackness is complicated and many times these documentaries don’t show the middle class.  It’s either you’re poor or you’re fortunate.

Also, this new installment assumes Black success must be juxtaposed against white success and/or white assistance.  Blackness is never judged on its own merits.

Black in America 4 Trailer


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