Ex-Con Only Job Fair

Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh organized, Wayne County Community College, and Kelly Services held an “Offenders Only” Job Fair at the East Lake Church.  They, also, advocate for the removal of “have you ever been convicted of a felony?” from Detroit job applications.  Since 2007, the Michigan Department of Corrections’ numbers show that parolees are returning to prison 33 percent less frequently.  More than 200 jobs were available.  More than 1,200 attended and many wound up with employment.  The city offers tax breaks and incentives to employers who hire paroled felons.

My two cents: Unemployment remains high and ex-cons are even more disenfranchised.  No matter what is said, correctional facilities don’t rehabilitate convicts.  More times than not, they are not ready to join society and function so they don’t have to return.  More than four in ten offenders nationwide return to state prison within three years of their release despite a massive increase in state spending on prisons, according to a Pew report.


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  1. Lola

    this is a tricky one.
    i think interviewers should be a good enough judge of character that they shouldnt need to know (before the interview, at least) of whether or not the interviewee is an ex-con. it just makes it easier to discriminate… even if they do have good intentions.

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