Michigan State University: No N*ggers Please

Michigan State University has been shocked by recent acts of racial intimidation directed toward black students. The student body at the state’s largest university made their voices very loudly heard on Tuesday night that these acts will not be tolerated.

A sign that says “No Niggers Please” put on the women’s restroom has become the latest racially charged incident.

The picture enraged everyone on campus and online, even starting the hashtag #MSUBlackUnity on Twitter. An estimated crowd of 1,000 MSU students of all races filed into Conrad Hall for a town hall meeting on the issue of racial intimidation.

A statement was soon released by Lou Anna K. Simon via email:

“The University supports free speech including the use of words that are offensive to most in our community,” Simon said. “However, given the nature of these incidents, the MSU police were immediately contacted and the matter has been turned over to them to investigate, not only as a form of vandalism, but also as potential ethnic intimidation. I am personally awaiting the outcome of the police investigation.”



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