Blacks Are Over That First African-American President Thing

Herman Cain is a professional code switcher.  Cain, recently, has addressed race as it relates to the political process.

In an interview with Fox news, Cain said, “I think that they’re over this first African-American president thing. I think that is behind them.”

During an interview with CNN, Cain said Black voters have been “brainwashed” to vote for Democrats.  He said he is receiving heat because he is a conservative and a Republican.

In an interview with Jeffrey Bloomberg, Cain admitted that he is an “American. Black. Conservative.” He said he doesn’t consider himself African-American.  He can trace his ancestors to those that are in America.  Therefore, he is a Black man in America, not an African-American.

There is an unknown identity gap.  It’s a confusion that many African-Americans face today.

However, Obama didn’t earn his presidency by insulting his constituents.  Reverse psychology is only insulting to us and won’t gain our votes.  Herman Cain’s superfluous remarks regarding race only serve to complicate his candidacy.  It is insulting to group us together as if we support one ideology.  There are plenty of Black conservatives and plenty of Black Republicans.

…And he believes he can gain one-third of the Black vote…


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