Michigan: Inmate Dies Within One Hour Into Custody

Bradford T. Gibson, 35-years-old, was booked at 2 am for allegedly assaulting a police officer.  He was found lifeless at 3 am at Isabella County Correctional Facility in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

Neither the sheriff’s office nor Mt. Pleasant police responded to requests for comment.  Gibson’s family was not able to be reached.  An autopsy has been scheduled.

“CPR was immediately initiated, but unfortunately, was not successful,” the release stated.

There are 2.4% African Americans that live in Isabella County.  I can’t say this surprises me.  Could this be an episode of police brutality? Perhaps.  An investigation, still, needs to be done.


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One response to “Michigan: Inmate Dies Within One Hour Into Custody

  1. swandiver

    I am always wary of charges of “assaulting” a police officer. The same with “resisting arrest”. These are classic charges that cops use on the slimmest of pretexts to handcuff and scare potential suspects. I bet, if there’s a jounalist willing to connect the dots, there is a deeper story.

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