[UPDATE] Troy Davis Execution Delayed

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

Earlier, I attended a rally for Troy Davis in DC.  Several Howard students were detained but released shortly after.  What began as a silent protest ended with chants and songs.

Troy Davis was scheduled for execution at 7:00 PM.  This is his fourth set execution date.  The Supreme Court is weighing in on Davis’ final appeal.  The warrant is valid until September 28, 2011. Davis’ plea for clemency was rejected Tuesday.

I am very much against the death penalty.  This applies to Lawrence Russell Brewer, executed in Texas, as well.




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2 responses to “[UPDATE] Troy Davis Execution Delayed

  1. Kaila J

    I do not understand how murder is seen as a valid solution to any problem. I mean that to include the death penalty, because it is just that. If you are happy that Russell Brewer is dead than you are no better than him. Who are we as humans who make mistakes and as imperfect beings to dictate the value of anyone’s life? I think there is too much doubt to execute Davis as well, but even if there was no doubt I would still be upset.

  2. Agreed. “You can’t fight murder with murder”. We have to stop living life “an eye for an eye”. In essence, we are becoming what we are fighting against. Sylvester Coles admitted to murdering officer MacPhail. How is his testimony even being utilized?
    This is unconstitutional because of the doubt rendering it cruel and unusual.

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