Justice Department: Cracking Down on Police Brutality

What is the point of electing African Americans to high office if their ties to the black community do not bind them tightly enough to black causes? – Gwen Ifill

The Obama administration, recently, has opened up investigations nationwide to crack down on police brutality and racism.  This led to the halt of the Duane Buck execution.  A report was released accusing the Puerto Rico police of violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964 among other allegations.  The investigations will lead to reforming the department in its entirety.  Many conservatives oppose the idea because it could cost millions.  An Arizona sheriff, in particular, is under investigation for discriminating against Hispanics.

This is long overdue.  It is clear that Bush wasn’t concerned about minorities.  It’s unfortunate when we, the minority community, need protection from the authorities that swear to uphold the law.  Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “we have the power to begin the world again”.  This relates to this very moment and silences the intense critiques of Dr. Cornel West (referring to the moment Dr. West called President Obama a black mascot of the Wall Street oligarchs”).  I can only hope this improves the morality of the police force and pray it isn’t too late for Troy Davis.


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