Black Privilege

A recent study at Tufts University’s School of the Arts and Sciences and Harvard Business School reveal that Whites believe they are the primary victims of racial discrimination. America is constantly attempting to change and/or evolve into a post-racial society. This is just code to downplay the disparities African Americans face everyday. Racism is less overt and more covert against African Americans.  The article marks this era as “reverse racism”. Since when is racism defined as Whites believing in their superiority over any other race? If these findings are true, it’s still a racist society.

Think about the media coverage during the Casey Anthony case.  If Casey Anthony were to be a normal middle class Black woman, the media wouldn’t give her the time of day.  If “reverse racism” existed, as they have so eloquently put it, then Anthony would have been found guilty and received a harsher punishment that wouldn’t get reduced to less than a week in jail.

The media is always an easy route to go to when discussing race.  However, studies like this is proof we are far from a post-racial Utopian society.

Is it strategic to be an African American rather than a White American in this contemporary era? Who are the victims?



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2 responses to “Black Privilege

  1. Karl

    Definitely agree with what you said about Casey Anthony… So-called “Black privilege” is definitely an over-discussed concept. It would be hard to support any idea that suggested Black people have some sort of strategic advantage over Whites in America. Especially not with staggeringly high unemployment rates among Blacks, underrepresentation in many institutions (and over-representation in prisons), and the wealth gap two groups, to name a few reasons.

  2. Karl,
    “Black privilege” is indeed overly discussed. It’s just code for your double consciousness (theme of this blog). I’m just shocked that this is really a study. Especially, when professors are conducting studies and insulting the aesthetics of African American women. It’s hard to believe Whites are the victims.

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