The Originality of Hip:Hop

“Hip-Hop is dead” is a statement said by too many Hip-Hop heads in this contemporary era.  What are the qualitative elements to make a song fit within the genre of hip-hop?

1. Originality

Are all hip hop songs original? For far too long rappers have been making money from the Gangster, Pimp, Ho trinity.  This negative critique has permeated the hip-hop culture for as long as this genre has been around.

2. Authenticity

What is considered authentic? At times authenticity included content that expressed ideas of xenophobia, racism, classism, hatred, homophobia, and sexism.  Race is an important phenomenon that determines the authenticity of a rapper.

3. Socio-economic status

This ideal ties into authenticity.  “The black kid from the Bronx” has always been an important image to become a success story within this genre.

How can a Mixed, Jewish, Canadian, child actor successfully climb the totem-pole of hip-hop?  Did Drake revive hip-hop?

Take a look at this short documentary

Thank Me Later: Hip-Hop During the Drake Era

Thank Me Later: Hip-Hop During The Drake Era (short documentary) from Alexander Allen on Vimeo.


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